We are proud to be a part of the Viva La Vulva team to celebrate the women of Los Angeles during March, Women’s History Month.

The Viva La Vulva mission is bringing together like-minded people from different backgrounds who have passion for changing the way female sexual health is perceived in our society. We are using the power of art to drive this change and empower women about their bodies and sexuality.

Our goal is to create a safe platform to normalize the concept of sexual health and promote meaningful discussions both in and out of the healthcare setting. We are also committed to minimizing cultural biases and restrictions that surround female sexual heath today.

Viva La Vulva

We are deeply rooted in the language of art as a means of healing. We use art as a skill and mode of communication to enlighten people through visual display. We use a variety of artistic forms to educate and empower women especially those that lack an understanding of their sexuality which is fundamental to women empowerment.

The Celebration (Women’s History Month)

We planned a month-long celebration during Women’s History Month (March 2018). There will be three planned events including a kick-off event, panel discussion during mid-month, and closing event. The exhibit will be held at REN gallery and feature over 10 female artists and their depiction of female anatomy. Through compelling art media such as sculptures, paintings, photography, and

drawings- each art piece will provide medical information about female sexual health (interventions, treatments, therapies, resources).

Follow along at: https://vivalavulvala.org

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