The Model Behavior

We are compelled by a deep desire for our lives to have a positive impact on the world and the communities where we live. We believe the greatest aspiration is the desire to help others and the greatest strength one can have is the gift of service.

Those who have both embody  THE MODEL BEHAVIOR.

We are concerned women with a purpose, a platform and a desire to help.

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“Our initial Campaign to send a message of support to the women within our communities, Box or Bag, was created after seeing a basic need unanswered, researching and building this project with others. We are donating feminine products for 100 women in need for 1 year at the conclusion of our first campaign. With our networks, the assistance of The Model Behavior Ambassadors, community representatives and sponsors we are confident we can accomplish our goal. ”, shares The Model Behavior Founder, Chandra Anderson. “We want to inspire others to look within their own networks nurturing similar movements to assist their communities and support the needs of women nationwide.”

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