the model behaviorOur 1st Campaign!

We are compelled by a deep desire for our lives to have a positive impact on the world and the communities where we live. We believe the greatest aspiration is the desire to help others and the greatest strength one can have is the gift of service. Those who have both embody THE MODEL BEHAVIOR.

The most ignored need for women living on the street or shelters are feminine hygiene products. Most do not have access to adequate products for their monthly cycle. Many women are forced to reuse products and often suffer from infections. This need is regularly overlooked in the realm of donations.


BOX or Baggie

Thus began the launch of our first donation project – Box or Bag. We are collecting and encouraging others to donate a Box of tampons or a Bag of Pads. Hence the term for our first project, “Box or Baggie”! Each Model Behavior Ambassador will collect for their local community. Currently we have FOUR locations where we will be donating to local shelters.


To cater to all types of women, donate your size/preference of product – we are confident your thoughtfulness will be appreciated.

Locate your local Ambassador for hard good donations.

Please use our Generosity link for ONLINE DONATIONS.

 Stay tuned for donation events in your city!

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